[rt.ubuntu.com #7704] Need hosting for Ubuntu-es.org - Regional team for all Spanish LoCo teams and Documentation site in Spanish (Drupal+MediaWiki)

Chris Jones via RT rt en ubuntu.com
Jue Dic 2 17:00:11 UTC 2010


On Tue Sep 22 23:31:17 2009, huayra en ubuntu.com wrote:
> I would like to approach you in order to see the options we have for getting
> hosting for the following sites @ Canonical premises:
>  * doc.ubuntu-es.org - The official Ubuntu documentation site in Spanish
>  * www.ubuntu-es.org - The community site for project organization for all
> Spanish speaking LoCo Teams (Latin-America and Spain)

My apologies for the delay in responding to this ticket. Is this still something you require?
> We need this as soon as possible. I have to add that we need to see all the
> options you can provide us since a platform change (i.e. go Drupal 5-6-7 or
> MoinMoin) at this stage needs to be carefully considered by our huge
> community of admins and users.

We are able to offer drupal 5 or 6, wordpress, moin and Planet to LoCo teams.

Chris Jones
  cmsj en canonical.com

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