Survey of l10n team communication tools

Evan R. Murphy evanrmurphy en
Jue Jul 16 16:20:37 UTC 2009

In the IRC meeting today, one topic discussed was the ways that
localization teams manage their communication. Could a representative
from each l10n team please reply to this thread explaining briefly (or
not so briefly, if you like ;) how your team keeps in touch?

For my part, I come from the Ubuntu Spanish Translators team, where we
rely almost entirely on the mailing list [1]. Recently however, due in
part to concerns that people newly interested in Spanish translations
weren't getting enough feedback, we've been making use of an IRC
channel [2] for our team. We also have a wiki [3] which houses our
more permanent information, information on how to join our team, links
to translations resources, etc.

Evan R. Murphy

[2] #ubuntu-l10n-es on

Más información sobre la lista de distribución Ubuntu-es-l10n