Ubuntu Loco Games 2013 - Raring edition

Javier P.L. chilicuil en ubuntu.com
Lun Ene 28 21:31:11 UTC 2013

Hi Ubuntu enthusiasts!,

First of all let me give you a huge thank you for the hard work you've been
doing in making the Ubuntu community rocks, I know it may be sometimes
difficult (although very rewarding), because I also participate in one of
them, my name is Javier Lopez and I'm part of the Ubuntu-mx crown.

The reason of this mail is because we're organizing the first Ubuntu Loco
Games (a sort of Olympic Ubuntu Games) and we'd love to count on your
presence. The idea is simple, having fun while we improve the communication
between all of us.

If you want to participate go to:

    [+] http://pad.ubuntu.com/LocoGames

Add your nick and launchpad profile. The event is open for everyone.

Greetings from the noise Mexico city.

Note: More details can be found at https://wiki.ubuntu.com/LocoGames/
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