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Hello All,

I don't know if this would be a good thing or what but I hope it'll be.
Just see if it can be profitable to us.

Thanks a lot

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*OSSXpo *is a two days event planned around March 20, 2012 for the first
time in Egypt at the Smart Village; the cradle of the information
technology and communications companies in Cairo. It is seen to be an
annual industry show, targeting all ITC open source based solutions
providers, vendors, developers, and training companies. It aims at
supporting exerted efforts of leveraging OS technology in the ICT market of
Egypt, through exhibiting the numerous OSS service providers and their
offerings. Booths are shell scheme type, furnished with tables and chairs,
supplied with lighting and electric power, carry the exhibitor’s name and
come as a standard in 9m (3x3) at US$ 1000.- each.

There will be a theater set up meeting room; seating about 30 persons
within the exhibition, equipped with data show and screen ready for
presentations time for which is divided into units each an hour long.
Presentations holders are free to invite their own audience. Presentations
shall be advertised within the event literature and banners. Time slot fee
US$ 200. Also, there will be an event guide with free listing of contact
information of each exhibitor, a short description paragraph about their
products, services or markets. The guide is four colors, A5 size. A full
page advertisement fee US$ 250.

The show is open to sponsors benefiting their name and logo to appear on
all its official printed material, a free page advertisement in the
booklet, a 9m booth and a time slot presentation in the meeting room.
Co-sponsorship fee US$ 5000.

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With My Respect,
Samar Ali

With My Respect,
Samar Ali
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