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ahmed sultan jeffsort84g at gmail.com
Sun Nov 20 16:22:37 UTC 2011

thats wonderful but what can we do to  help , I mean what I need to know if
I wonna help in that ?

On Sun, Nov 20, 2011 at 2:37 PM, Ahmed Toulan <thelinuxer at ubuntu.com> wrote:

> Hi,
> I received a call for volunteers on Facebook for a new a new Ubuntu
> derivative. The request came from Ihsan Salam a member of the Ubuntu
> Malaysia LoCo team. They want to add our logo to the supported by column on
> their website. Please if anyone is interested, tell us.
> Here is what I received on Facebook:
> Revamp aims is to build an all-in OS for user, means, it provides
> all-essential apps into one OS. so when you get a revamp, you know you need
> not to download wine1.3 to play ms .exe, or you can edit movie using pre
> installed openshot. or use chromium browser, readily installed with
> antivirus and WOT. of course, this is only tweakings, even normal user can
> do this, but what if a new user approaches linux,they may not even know how
> to use basic settings. we meant to cater for this group of people.
> beyond that, Revamp is meant to look beautiful. so we choose nice
> wallpaper from CC license, we put in into desktop, login and lock screen.
> we set compiz and we change unity or gnome-panel with a nicer AWN panel.
> Basically Revamp 11.2 is not much more than a better mint. seriously, if
> one feels he wanted to download mint, it would be better to download revamp
> then because revamp is actually mint with better tweak.
> But Revamp 12 is more radical because we are now building directly atop of
> ubuntu. this is mainly distro political, but beyond that, i realise there
> are some conflicts between mint repos and ubuntu. by using ubuntu directly,
> this problem will be eliminated instaallah.
> why revamp 12 is radical? because we completely stripped of unity. we use
> Duece-visage innovation, a linux with two DE, that is user can choos to run
> the all-new gnome-shell, or our own version of modified unity,
> Revamp-compiz. we fix basic bugs like xslx do not open with libre office,
> strip update-manager and install mintupdate, remove firefox and install
> chromium, open .deb with the much faster gdebi, install essential but rare
> dependencies like bzr , git, put in caja File browser as an addition to
> nautilus.we change the plymouth, tweak the lightdm and basically revamp 12
> will be our experimental release
> Regards,
> Ahmed Toulan.
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