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Salamo 3alaykom

Although I didn't participate (yet) in anything in the Loco team, but I would like to state few things for Mr. Mohammed Meabed (former hotmail beta tester)

You guys keep talking ,irc meeting , ..... , and nothing , JOAC !
For sure they are doing their best, keep in mind they are volunteers, each one of them has his/her own busy life. It would be more helpful if you give a hand in arranging that meeting. 

festival !!! , Whats the PROBLEM OF installing Ubuntu ! doesn't ALL
NEXT NEXT ! its even installation easier than windows !
Seriously I would like to get a copy of that "NEXT NEXT" installer, because it would save alot of time. I wonder if its only NEXT NEXT, Why that NEXT is there in the first place :D

About installation festival, its benefit isn't only demonstrating Ubuntu installation but also:
Giving an idea about what is Linux and why its better than Windows.Instantly answer audience questions, saving their time in googling and so, which boosts the process of their migration to Linux
Demonstrating how to use Ubuntu and how to solve common problems.Telling the audience about software sources and support channels of Ubuntu and how to use it.Sharing experiences about Ubuntu and Linux in general among peers... alot more xD
Oh maybe people don't know how to NEXT NEXT ! so i suppose that those people are not familiar with computers ! cool .
I agree it would be cool. Raising a brain up on Linux would set him free for the rest of his life, no? ;)

So you will install Ubuntu and lets them face the Truth of having Different Operating System than 80% of people use ! 
Cool idea let them lost in the middle of nowhere , GOOD JOB !
Linux isn't the middle of no where, and 80% isn't a correct number at all.

think making the forum more active posting some newbie's Tutorials lead
people to right way is better than ( on my opinion ) wasting TIME ! if
you gonna do this thing DO it in right way ! ex: training centers ,
extensive courses .
Why don't you save the TIME and write those tutorials (or give its main points at least) and also provide those so called training centers and its fund :D
what ever you do guys ! Good luck.
Thanks for your thoughtful wishes

Mohamed Saudi

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