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Mohammed Gamal m.gamal005 at
Sat Sep 26 21:15:28 UTC 2009

AA Aya,
I have been in contact with TAs Mostafa Saad and Eslam Foad from the
CS department and we have agreed to contact the vice-deans as soon as
possible. Feel free to contact them along with the rest of the C2S
teams to see if we can arrange something and keep me in sync.

As for the hall, I do think that the halls you suggested would be more
suitable for organizing the sessions, however installing ubuntu on
machines of attendants would require a more open space, perhaps the
ground floor of the new building or the open ground in front of el
modarrag el kebeer, however this will likely require some serious
approvals from the dean, but I don't think it's going to be a major
problem if we arrange the fest to take place during the weekend in a
Friday or a Saturday.

Please feel free to reply with any opinion or suggestion you see fit.


On Thu, Sep 24, 2009 at 10:52 PM, Aya El Gebeely <ayagebealy at> wrote:
> Assalam Alikom,
> Dear All,
>   I've seen the recent mail about the event, that we might shift to FCI-CU
> ..
> Actually I was checking the feasibility of the event with one of my team
> mates in a team called "C2S Team" (C2S: Connect to Success), we used to
> reserve the biggest hall* in the faculty for our annual event, and if we can
> do so for the installation festival. However, the hall reservation is never
> an easy issue, you know the bureaucratic rules of Cairo university.
> Currently we are still investigating the issue, and whether this gonna
> affect the annual event that is made in the 2nd semester by the team or
> not.
> So this is a path, there is another path, that we may contact the faculty
> Dean directly, and present the idea firmly and in fascinating way then she
> may approve or not "anyway she is an open-minded person" .
> If Mohamed Gamal has another connections in the faculty that the festival
> can be made under its name, this will be another good solution too.
> The biggest halls in the faculty are :
> - Abd El Mone'em El Shafe'ey Hall --> Capacity 500+ person
> - El Modarrag El Kebeer "bad logistics" --> Capacity 500+ Person (It's used
> for the lectures)
> Or Seminar 1 room -> capacity 100 to 120 person at most.
>  Meanwhile this is what I have, if I reached further good solutions with C2S
> team or any better idea , I'll update you isAllah
> Best Regards,
> Aya Raafat El Gebeely.
> B.Sc. of Computer Science
> Faculty of Computers and Information - Cairo University
> Land of Ideas
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