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Karim Fayez karim.fayez at
Wed May 6 12:12:24 UTC 2009

Dear Ladies and gentlemen;
Please allow me to first express my appologies for not being around for a
long time but I think I have appropriate reasons that I will share with
you.. first of all I work in the oil and gas industry which doesnt allow me
to be in cairo nor having an internet access for long times.. second is that
I was studying an intensive course related to my work in the US for 4 month
which was putting me under great pressure all the time.. but I tried to keep
around and available through phone and emails as much as possible and no one
had ever called me or sent me an email without getting an answer and some
help also even online.. I hope my appologies are accepted..
I was surprised to be recognized as the lost karim fayez on the wiki page as
I have never been out of reach for anyone and it was very simple to try to
contact me anytime 24/7 which happened frequently by people inside and
outside Egypt so I changed it so that you can know I am there.. and every
body is welcomed to contact me anytime on my phone which is stated in the
wiki paga which is 0122202526 and as I said 24/7..
finally regarding moderators and admins I am voting yes for whatever every
body sees in the favour of our community in Egypt..

I finally hope my appologies are accepted and no hard feelings are left
Thanks and best regards;
Karim Fayez
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