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WSA :)

Please find my comments after each point:

On Sat, Aug 22, 2009 at 4:30 PM, Mahmoud Fawzy <m.fawzy at> wrote:

> AA all,
> Ramadan Kareem :D , wish I could have attended this meeting bas it's ok :D
> I've read the log and everything is ok :D  just had the following notes :D :
> <well they are not notes just recommendations :D >
> 1- if the new release is on 1/10/2009 we can't hold our event at 3/1012009
> coz what will we give ppl ? jaunty CDs ?? this would be boring for them to
> UPDATE after install :D ! so I suggest delaing it to 10/10 when we can have
> made a mass order from ubuntu ship it :D !

I wish it was going to be released at 1/10 but according to this it is going to be released at

> 2- about the permissions issue isA I'll work very hard on it with mahmoud
> Ibrahim and we will see what can we do isA  :D !

We depend on you ;)

> 3- about what to write on the flyers how about "Ready to dump windows ?? "
> :d just a suggestion ! :D

Should this be a new section in the planning page ? So that everyone can
write his/her suggestions.

> 4- please note that at this date college would have begun ! so if we are
> really holding a 2-days event ,provided that we could get permission for
> that, then the sessions of the second day Should be after 4 pm or arround
> this :D ! or else we will choose fri and sat  rather than sat and sun :D !
> right ?

We voted for only 1 day, sorry man. I know ur original idea was a 2 day
event, but we are short on volunteers and we have so much to do + this is
our first event ... it's just too many unknown variables.

> 5- announcing this event isA we can announce it at "a popular
> student forum at the FECU :D " side by side with blogs and Facebook event
> and our forum "www.egypt.ubuntuforums.corg" :D !


Best regards,
Ahmed Toulan.
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