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Sun Aug 16 00:56:19 UTC 2009

Hey Ubuntu-Eg Wake Up Where Are You Allwhere are Your sweet emails ??
where are the meetings every 2 weeks ??
where are the IRC meeting every week ?!?

For The start i have a lot of ideas and looking forward to see them real

1st : I am working on changing a Company Called "Heliotech" In Cairo with 7
computers or more 1 by 1 To Start use Ubuntu as a Master Operating System.
2nd : on my mind to start fundraising by selling any thing with the logo of
Ubuntu or ubuntu-Eg (Don't Think It Is Legal For ubuntu-eg logo)  , this
will help us to publish more about ubuntu by the logo and it will help us to
Support our basic courses Price or for Free To Drive more people to come to
know more about linux and ubuntu .
3rd : we must start a campaign on our self to make people know more about
ubuntu by an easy way to make people ask what is ubuntu , this campaign will
work on our social networks by writing specific info  every day (as a
day Theme) on our facebook , Messenger Personal Message, Gmail or Gtalk
Custom message, Twitter and something like that the info will be about
ubuntu as standard info about ubuntu but must be attractive to make people
ask about what is ubuntu ?!?!  If you are ok with this idea i am suggesting
to start this campaign 1-9-09 or 9-9-09 for 10 days

waiting for replays....

P.S : Don't know if the group is not active or my email was bounced without
my knowledge :D
Jonathan N. Hindi
Hindico Industry
Hindico at
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