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Ahmed Toulan thelinuxer at
Tue Apr 14 19:57:54 UTC 2009

Hey guys,

We had a very successful meeting. Everyone can check the chat log at:

As was written in the meeting agenda, most of the topics was
about the moderation of this group(Mailing list/Launchpad/IRC ..etc) . We
had an ubuntu council member with us on bored, and he pointed us to to start
voting on the new admins since they can not reach the original founder.

These 2 people have stepped forward to fill the responsibility of the
moderation roles

1. Mohammed Zaian (Extend)
2. Ahmed Toulan (thelinuxer)

The group might need more than one moderator to get everything working fine.

Please reply to this email whether you agree or not to these names.
The voting will start from now and will end by Tuesday 21th of April next
week. Please make sure to vote before that time :)

Best regards,
Ahmed Toulan.
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