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Fri Apr 10 08:04:40 UTC 2009

Hello Mohamed,

for the issue of not being on IRC, I can not be on it during my working
hours. I will be there after working hours with is around 8PM CLT.

I do agree that IRC meetings are same important as face to face thingy, but
I want to build a relationship with all of us that is the point, you can not
imagine how good it was when i meet the other gentlemen last time.

I like this Meeting Agenda idea, let us construct the Agenda and then we
decide where we can meet , May be those who can meet face to face will meet
and then we connect online to catch up with you and others that can not join
. What you think ?

P.S. My name is Samer not Samir ---> thank you


On Fri, Apr 10, 2009 at 2:02 AM, Mohamed Zaian <Extend at> wrote:

> Salam,
> Samir i'm talking about online meeting in IRC , i have some great ideas and
> also ahmed toulan i only see him there no one joins but us and other users
> from eglug i knew , they are not yet a members
> Mohamed Zaian
> On Thu, Apr 9, 2009 at 8:00 PM, Samer Azmy <samer.azmy at> wrote:
>> All,
>> who is interested to attend another meeting ? our last meeting is almost a
>> week old.
>> Any one interested to meet ?
>> Please note that Original Ubuntu Stickers will be distributed in that
>> meeting.
>> Waiting for replies
>> Regards
>> Samer
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