current problems?

tamer elsawaf tego128 at
Sat Jun 7 12:22:23 UTC 2008

ok memo dude :) but i say that really as iam get mad at that time about wine
and crossover to setup cs3 family and i see a German make it on youtube and
nothing help me or google at this point
so i say that as i make xp and ubuntu on my lap and i wanna be on linux  yes
i love it as i build  my knowledge .yes i think we all know that but what
about cs3 and  i wanna know if Mandriva 2008 fix that i will download it
and i wanna know why wine is so bad its badly looking thats really not
relieve anyone
and sorry foll all but i hate wine not linux
and i dont love xp
i love both be on one lap or pc
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