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Jeff jeff at
Wed Aug 24 12:15:49 UTC 2011

Hi all,

I don't have easy access to a server at the minute, and not sure where  
the settings are anyway; but I've been wondering about this for a  
while and am just hoping that someone can point me in the right  

A week or so ago when I was onsite at a school, I ran a binary tcpdump  
to get an indication of network usage with approximately 12 thin  
clients working.

It wasn't a very precisely measured test or anything, but the server  
sent/received a Gigabyte of traffic in about a couple of minutes.

So I'm just wondering whether SSH compression is enabled by default or  
not? And if it is, whether there's any way to tweak it?

Also, it occurs to me that SSH compression would have to be lossless,  
by nature. So I'm wondering if there's any way to get something like  
tight-vnc working; or whether we should try a lightweight X desktop  
like XFCE?

I'm not really happy about the performance, compared to terminal  
server, for ex, or even the old Fedora/Gnome K12-LTSP we upgraded from.

Insights and pointers appreciated. Flames > /dev/null


Jeff Brown

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