Helping new users with setting up Edubuntu server

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Sun Jun 20 04:40:53 BST 2010

On Sat, Jun 19, 2010 at 7:55 PM, ps <ps at> wrote:

> David, perhaps we can go about it in a step-by-step way: first see that all
> interested parties get 10.04 up and running - including the LTSP part (it
> seems that many still have problems with that, as we did when we first
> installed the system).

Yes.  I wonder how many teachers/school techs have installed Lucid?  What
options did they use? What challenges did they encounter?  What are their
needs? This info would be important info to streamline the
instructions/process.  While there is a process to report experiences with
the system, I think you are recommending an extra effort on our part
(school-based users) to report.  I think that's good.  I'll try and put more
info in the lists.

Here's a page I made on installing
It's just a start and needs to have a lot more context in it.  If anyone
gets a chance please check it out and let me know if it has any dangerous
info--especially in the partition section--before I put it on the wiki.
Probably tomorrow or the next day I'll put it on the wiki so others can
improve it too.


> Then gather feedback about the system, i.e. what works and what doesn't,
> what should be added/developed (like my bullet point wish list).
> The vision for the system should include that the system is useful for all
> schools and optimally supports teachers and students alike in their job of
> teaching and learning; thus, access to the personal desktop should
> eventually be possible from any point on the globe. The system should also
> help create an awareness that, even though the system is todays cutting edge
> technology, it is still in its infancy and that the users can and should
> influence the course of future development.
> I will try to check in at the next meeting.
> Paul
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