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Sun Jan 24 18:13:40 GMT 2010

Wow!  My Gmail thread to the 'Anyone here?' question is currently at 21
replies.  Seems like there are quite a few interested people in this group
as well as a wide range of backgrounds and perspectives.  Nice.

So, I'm personally interested in this space being a place where I can see
what others are doing with Ubuntu (and distros and open source software in
general) and education.  I'm also interested in this being a place where I
can request and hopefully encounter help, not so much in a technology sense
(I get lots of that at edubuntu-users listserv) but in *using* the
technology in my classroom for educational purposes.  Actually, it would be
interesting seeing a list of what people are interested in giving/getting
from this space.

Seeing all the current interest in ubuntu-education I was motivated to do
something I needed to do, write up a recent project I finished in my 9th
grade Biology classroom.  I needed to write it up just as reflection and as
a way to document, 'for the next time...'.  If you are interested, I put it
on my blog at Human Organ Systems Web Pages: The
I plan to use this format of doing a web project again, though I have not
yet decided in which content I'll situate it.  Thus, if anyone is interested
(and has some time, it's kind of detailed) I'd be VERY interested in your
ideas to improve the project.  Not sure weather comments on the blog entry
or comments here in the listserv email would be best.  What do you think?


PS I eventually plan to re-create this project description on, a project produced by a coalition of European nations and
I think one of the best places out there for educators wanting to create and
share teaching resources within a community.
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