Central Directory .Zipfiles

Felix Ramos prismaticglass at yahoo.com
Mon Oct 19 04:10:29 BST 2009

My name is Felix T. Ramos.  I am using Ubuntu 9.04.  I am new to this system and to computers in general.  I would like to learn from the beginning of this OS.  I have been using windows xp'sOS and ms office 2000.  I just now really have gotten interested in understanding and operating these programs.  As for right now I would like to now more about zip-files and where the central directory .zip-file is located and how to operate this file.  I cannot find this directory in any of my disks.  A step by step in how to use this file will be very appreciated.  Now understand I am not very proficient in using computers.  I am willing to learn if anybody has the patience to help me.  I live in Portland, Oregon.  I just retired from IBEW Local 48 in July of this year.  Thanks for your interest in me.  It appears that this is a wonderful think that is happening with your system.  Felix


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