Edubuntu in Pakistan

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Thanks Matthew! That would be wonderful.


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I work in a University managing about 50 odd labs running custom built Ubuntu images, Ill ask and and see if I can get permission to give you the documentation from the development. Even if that is not possible, I can give you help on anything you need.

-Matthew Lye

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> Hi Simon,
> We are working on the IT Labs project for The Govt. of Punjab. There are a
> total of 4500 (approx.) labs at the primary and secondary school level.. We
> are basically from a Telecom background and have a very large deployment
> with all the telecom companies operating here (servicing 90 million people
> with about 50 different services). Right now we are working very
> successfully with speech recognition.

That's quite a large deployment!

I myself work for a small independent school in the United States; we
have about 900 students, K-12, and 4 computer labs of about 20
computers a piece (though most of our computers are in places other
than labs).

> The path ahead looks pretty rough as far as Edubuntu is concerned. When you
> are dealing with government red tape and ancient ideas implanted by
> marketing companies such as MS! But they (MS) might have shot themselves in
> the foot this time by being greedier than usual and asking for full
> licensing fees for everything even though this is a public service project
> targeting rural and areas/students.

I see.

In our situation, money doesn't really enter into it as much.

Our biggest hurdle, I think, has been inertia. People just don't like change.

> My development team is very good but shorthanded and we will be asking for
> help from you all, if you guys don't mind :-)

Hey, we're here to help each other. Just ask.

> Best Regards,
> M. Usman Butt

Take care!


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