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Wed Nov 19 20:05:45 GMT 2008

Lt. Davie,

We were looking through comparisons of Open Source LMS software not
too long ago because our proprietary LMS is starting to show its age
(and has some painful and inexplicable speed issues) and when we move
to a new one we're hoping to move to something open and easier to

I believe the two we came down to were Evergreen and Koha, and I can't
remember which of the two won our evaluation, but they've already
evolved a bunch since then and we'll need to re-evaluate when we go to
do the actual migration.

Best of luck with your chipping! ;-)


P.S. and

P.P.S. is a site that aggregates info on a BUNCH
of open source LMS's.

On Wed, Nov 19, 2008 at 2:31 PM, Don Davie <dedavie at> wrote:
> Good Morning.
> I work at a small charter school and we are looking for a library management
> software solution that can be accessed by multipule users.  We have 15
> teachers, 250 cadets and as we are a small campus we do not have the funds
> for a librarian.  We have a high turn over rate and will go through $10,000
> worth of text books per year from teachers not keeping accurate text book or
> library book inventories.  Does anyone know of a good solution either
> edubuntu/opensource or MS?  Currently we are running a windows 2000/2003
> server environment and i am looking at ways of adding an edubuntu segment.
> We have orders from our county office that their networks (and ours) are
> "Microsoft Products Only".  I have been slowly chiping away at that
> directive :)  and have had minor success with adding OpenOffice and a few
> other open source software titles.
> Any input would be appriciated.
> LT. Don E. Davie
> La Sierra Military Academy
> 1735 E. Houston Ave.
> Visalia, CA 93292
> 559-733-6963 - 264
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