Problem with edubuntu and LTSP

Skywalker it_skywalker at
Sun Jan 13 22:48:37 GMT 2008

 Hi dear friends,

yesterday I installed a server Ltsp and Ubuntu 7.10.

 I tested it with my lap and two virtual machine, all
worked fine.
 Well, when I installed it in the classroom with
clients many problem occured.

 Sound work random on the clients : the first yes the
second and the third no.... the sixth yes and so on.

 Local devices ..disappear...

The floppy icons exactly like sound.

...and last case... I need about 2 minutes to load the

 The user was add to fuse's group and in lts.conf was
write true to localdev and sound options.

 Besides, I gave the right permission to user for
cdrom access, sound and floppy.

  Have anybody any idea?

 Thank for your help 


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