Question about Moodle and/or Wiki Tools for students

Sean McKay smckay at
Tue Aug 19 18:40:00 BST 2008

On 8/19/08 8:49 AM, "Jeffrey LePage" <jeffrey_lepage at> wrote:

> Is there a better solution?  Maybe a different wiki that I can install?  What
> i need is a dead-simple wiki with a wysiwyg interface.  It must also support
> easy adding/editing of images.

Hi Jeff, there are a couple things that I'd suggest, however they might not
be all that popular...First off, as I've said before (not here), the Moodle
wiki is horrid (Martin and the gang know this and are working on it) so you
definitely want to use something else.

After that, I'd ask yourself if you can run it on a hosted solution. If so,
I'd suggest using as it meets your requirements for dead-simple
and a WYSIWYG interface. Additionally, they have just built into their new
version the ability to have students use the wiki without having to have an
email address to access it.

If hosted is not an option, then in my experience WYSIWYG is off the table
and I've had the best experience using Swiki
( There are some caveats though for a
successful deployment of Swiki (not many, just a few details to be mindful

Hope that helps!


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