K12 Open Minds Panel - Schools and LUG's

Simón Ruiz simon.a.ruiz at gmail.com
Thu Aug 7 17:04:28 BST 2008

I'd just like to mention that when I went to this conference last
year, I got a chance to interact with all kinds of great people from
all over the world. We all came to share what our experience of using
Linux in schools has been like, and to learn from each other. We had
people from, I think, Japan, Germany, Canada, Spain, Norway,
Australia, and more. We even had some attendees come from an Indian
(Native American) nation.

I know it's easy for me to say since I'm only 3 hours away from
Indianapolis ;-) but the K-12 Open Minds Conference is definitely a
worth-while trip for anyone working with Free/Open Source Software in
the education field.

These events are a very powerful way to foster the spirit of community
on which projects like Ubuntu depend, giving us a chance to get
together, to get to know each other, and to cross-pollinate ideas.

I'd love to see some fellow Ubunteros there this year! :-D

I hope this finds you all having a beautiful day.


On Thu, Aug 7, 2008 at 10:31 AM, Vern Ceder <vceder at canterburyschool.org> wrote:
> Hi everyone,
> I know that the K12 Open Minds conference in Indianapolis this fall has
> already been announced on this list. (If you missed it, go to
> http://www.k12openminds.org to find out all about it).
> I'm looking to put together a panel discussion session on the
> interaction between schools using Linux and Linux Users Groups (and the
> wider FOSS community) - what should happen, what can go wrong, what both
> sides can offer and what they can gain, etc.
> If anyone on this list has any desire to be on such a panel or knows of
> someone, either on the school side or the LUG side that would be good
> for this discussion, please let me know off list.
> I have to admit right now that I'm not entirely sure of the logistics. I
> believe that panel participants can just attend the panel without
> registering, but attending other sessions and events at the conference
> require registration. And as a community event, we don't have the
> resources to pay for travel, etc, for participants.
> Thanks,
> Vern Ceder
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