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Thu Oct 18 14:49:24 BST 2007

a Long Term Support release probably should push the envelope, as
that's the only way to stabilize (clot?) all those bleeding-edge
features so they work reliably on the LTS release.

Just a thought.

Take care!


On 10/29/07, Don Davie <dedavie at> wrote:
> Hello Sim=F3n,
> First issue i had was with a Toshiba Satelite laptop.  It loaded 7.04
> PERFECTLY and ran for 4 months, then I did the upgrade and it kept freezi=
>  I re installed 7.04 and tryed again, this time it got stuck in a loop in
> the middle of the update.  I burned a new copy of 7.10 and it wouldn't ev=
> load in safe graphics mode.  Figureing it might be something with the
> laptop, I updated my Acer 735TL and it killed it.  It would boot to a bla=
> screen and nothing, I had to re install windows and then re install 7.04,=
> it wouldn't even let me install 7.04 without it.  Now it works perfectly
> back on 7.04.  I know its not the CD as I just installed 7.10 on an old
> Gateway, and two dell GX420's without issues.  I checked the ubuntu forum=
> and i noticed that somepeople are having issues.  I will be updating the
> forum after i troubleshoot the laptops.  I am impressed with the new 7.10=
> if i can get my two laptops to work with it.................
> Don
> On 10/29/07, Sim=F3n Ruiz <simon.a.ruiz at> wrote:
> > Don,
> >
> > That's awesome!
> >
> > May I ask what sort of problems you're experiencing with Gutsy?
> >
> > For us, we're not able to authenticate off our emulated NT domain
> > controller (Samba and OpenLDAP on an Ubuntu server), which is our
> > reason for sticking with Feisty for now.
> >
> > I know I'm interested to hear how this goes for you.
> >
> > Welcome aboard!
> >
> > Sim=F3n

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