Orphanage Installation - January

Don Davie dedavie at gmail.com
Mon Oct 29 14:38:34 GMT 2007

Good morning Edubuntu Ed List!

I work at a charter academy in Visalia, and I have been asked by my
principal to assist him in donating and installing retired office computers
in an orphanage in Baja.  At first he was satisfied with Windows 98 and ME
computers he has managed to collect for the project but after a review of my
EdUbuntu lab, he wants me to replace the MS machines with EdUbuntu!

I maintain a 3 EdUbuntu computers, 8 LTSP thin clients, and a server with
the EdUbuntu server (that runs the LTSP's).  So far, i am sticking with the
7.04 as i am having issues with the 7.10.

The project so far has 15 systems in the PII and PIII range, I am hunting
for more systems as the project progresses.  We are refurbishing these
systems over our holiday stand down (three weeks in December/January) and
will install them in a mad 4 day rush over Presidents day weekend.

I'll send pics, install experiences, and specs for those that are


Don E. Davie
Dinuba, CA
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