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Simon Ruiz sruiz at
Wed Mar 28 19:38:31 BST 2007

Yay, modesty! People would have understood that part if they read the article.
However, I'd say you deserve the honor at least as much as Mark, insofar as you're the hands on man, dedicating large parts of your life to it.
Anyhow, Mark gets to be "the man behind" a lot of stuff, so I'm sure he won't mind just this once. ;-)


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On 3/28/07, Simon Ruiz <sruiz at> wrote:
> Tom Hoffman, the man behind schooltool, is featured in a pretty decent article in Providence
> Business News. This could be of interest to anyone involved in Education, but especially to
> those of us involved in Open Source in Education.

I would give Mark Shuttleworth first credit as being "the man behind
SchoolTool," insofar as it was his idea and he has funded it all


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