Issue Printing in OpenOffice.Org on HP LaserJet P3005n

Simon Ruiz sruiz at
Thu Mar 8 15:19:25 GMT 2007

Howdy all,
We just got some new printers, HP LaserJet P3005n's which are not available by default when you hit the "New Printer" icon in the "Printing" dialog under "System -> Administration".
I went and grabbed the drivers off of, and Printing a Test Page spits out a beautifully aligned, perfect Test Page.
I've tried printing from Gedit and, again, beautifully aligned.
So my guess is that the drivers are correctly set up and working, right?
However, printing from OpenOffice.Org spits out a page that is rather badly aligned, the first line of a Writer document is so far up the page that the top of it is cut off. The Print Preview for the page shows it set up correctly, but when it actually prints, everything's a little out of whack.
Anyone have experience with this type of thing?
I hope so.

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