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Jonathan Carter jonathan at
Fri Jun 15 15:23:08 BST 2007

Hi Leonard

>> My name is Leonard Tleane working for an organsation called Netday in
>> South Africa. We do thinclients roll out to schools across South Africa
>> using K12LTSP.
>> I want to switch to Edubuntu and currently testing it for my next
>> rollouts.
> Hey, Leonard.
> Most welcome indeed. A few old friends in here I'm sure.
> Look forward to hearing all about your experiences...

Yes, welcome indeed! I'm still going to call you Tiisetjo though. It 
took me a long time to get used to Leonard -> Tiisetjo and reversing 
that again is just too much work!

Switching to Edubuntu is a good move at this point, there's some 
enhancements coming up in Gutsy that will make this the best educational 
distro release ever, especially with the LTSP stuff.


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