Ubuntu and Education : The good, the bad and the ugly.

Richard Weideman richard at ubuntu.com
Wed Oct 18 17:29:03 BST 2006

Hello and welcome,

Thanks to the early joiners.

Here's a simple email to get the list moving with a discussion.

1. The Good

What's the best feature or application or experience you have with open
source software in your environment ?

2. The Bad

What's not doing what you want, but that you think could be improved to
deliver better results or a better experience ?

3. The Ugly

What's a major problem in your education life that you wish could be
solved or resolved, or an attitude that could be changed in a group of
people ?


Feel free to ramble and rant. Just drop down some thoughts and comments.

Richard Weideman
+27 (83) 321-2233
richard at ubuntu.com

Ubuntu Education Programme Manager

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