Is this the place?

David McKenna dave at
Tue Nov 28 04:12:09 GMT 2006

Hello All,

I am a new teacher and former helpdesk and network technician in 
Alaska.   I've been keeping my eyes on Edubuntu....thanks to all who 
make it happen.  In the past 2 years my view of technology in the 
classroom has changed immensely, and I have a new respect for the 
frustrations that many teachers encounter which discourage further 
efforts to do more in this arena.  As I watch Edubuntu evolve, I wonder 
if it will address many of these frustrations. 

For what it's worth, I work in a Mac-dominated district and watch 
painfully as thousands of dollars are spent on very expensive hardware 
that really doesn't do much more than access the Internet and use word 
processors.  Mac is nice because it doesn't require the constant 
maintenance (ie. patching, virus removal), but you pay so much for eye 
candy, and eye candy only distracts students.  It's actually infuriating 
at times how distracting and time-wasting all the bouncing icons, 
dashboard widgets, and non-intuitive menu systems can be.

I'm not here to Mac bash though.....just wondering where some design 
requests might be heard.  I have tried Edubuntu, and I like it very 
much.  I do envision a more locked-down, plain-Jane interface (at least 
for the student) resembling more of a kiosk being most useful in the 
classroom.  Where can teachers provide some input or get feedback on 
this aspect of Edubuntu?

Thanks in Advance,

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