Software for Examination Management at School

Ch Sarada Prasanna Nanda cspnanda at
Sun Nov 19 22:06:09 GMT 2006

		I am writing a software for managing examinations in School which 
have these following features.

1. There are three kinds of roles - admin, teacher and student.
2. Admin can add teachers, students, Create Courses
3. A teacher can make question banks (also upload) and can assign them 
to students of a particular semester.
4. A student can login take the assigned exam. The automatic timer 
submits the responses after the time is over and displays the score.

I have implemented a DB independent layer so users are free to run 
MySQL/Oracle/ODBC/PostGre. Rest is taken care by PHP. Both Apache and 
IIS are supported now.

Let me know your views on this and if it will be useful to anybody.

I am extremely sorry if this is not the right forum.

Choudhury Sarada Prasanna Nanda
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