[ec2] RFQ: Mailing lists proposal

Rodney T. Quillo imcocoy at gmail.com
Thu Mar 25 08:43:21 GMT 2010

Hi Nick, 

This has no problem with me. :) 
1. Best to megre the ubuntu-ec2 and ubuntu cloud.
2. notification like this would be nice also. 


On Thursday 25 March 2010 16:31:38 Nicolas Barcet wrote:
> Hello,
> We have been thinking about a couple improvements in the way that we
> share information that we would like to propose to this community for
> comment:
> 1/ Joining the ubuntu-ec2 and the ubuntu-cloud mailing lists
> As both mailing list are fairly low in terms of traffic, and that the
> Ubuntu strategy is clearly to allow simple use of images both on EC2 and
> Ubuntu Enterprise Cloud (UEC), we are considering merging the two
> mailing lists into one -> ubuntu-cloud at lists.ubuntu.com.  This would
> mean moving all the member of this mailing to the ubuntu-cloud one in an
> automated way which would have a side effect that people using rules to
> sort their email would have to update their rule.
> 2/ cloud planet aggregator to mailing list notification
> As we have been doing in the past for twitter, we are thinking about
> using a bot to inform the (possibly unified) mailing list of any new
> posts that appear on the cloud planet aggregator [1], as a summary plus
> a link to the original posts.
> [1] http://cloud.ubuntu.com
> What do you think of these two proposals?  Thanks in advance for sharing
> your thoughts with us.
> Nick

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