[ec2] Memcached ... setting up two or moe memcached intances for use by one

Jos Boumans jos.boumans at canonical.com
Wed Apr 28 04:52:41 BST 2010

Hi Jeff,

On 27 Apr 2010, at 20:34, Jeffrey Greenberg wrote:

> I've installed and have been using memcached on two separate 8.04  
> images.  They are each configured to run on IP  They run  
> fine.  Now, I'd to have each instance to act as memcaches that I use  
> from any one of them. That is sort of double my cache size and share  
> them accross machines -- make a small cluster.
> I've been assuming that to do this I need to have each instance's  
> memcached run as the IP i've assigned  them via Amazon Elastic IPs  
> (e.g. 174.x.x.1, and 174.x.x.2).  And then have my memcache clients  
> connect to each explicitly  (via memcache::addServer php).
> The problem is that if I configure and restart memcached to any IP  
> other than they will fail to open that new IP and not start.
> How can i configure my instances and memcached configs to become a  
> usable and secure pair for my use?

You shouldn't have to do anything special to have memcached
bind to all available addresses.

from 'memcached -h':

   -l <ip_addr>  interface to listen on (default: INADDR_ANY, all  

In short, if you don't provide -l, it'll listen on all
addresses by default.

Hope that helps,


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