[ec2] replace ec2-ami-tools with euca2ools in ec2 images?

Scott Moser smoser at ubuntu.com
Wed Sep 16 16:46:09 BST 2009

Hell all,
   I recently went through the activity of seeing what packages were in
our ec2 images, with the intent of finding out what is there that is not
in main.
   Below is what I found:
pkg                   archive      rdepends
ec2-ami-tools          multiverse
ec2-init               universe
libc6-xen              universe
libopenssl-ruby        universe    ec2-ami-tools
libopenssl-ruby1.8     universe    libopenssl-ruby libruby1.8
python-boto            universe    ec2-init
python-cheetah         universe    ec2-init
python-configobj       universe    ec2-init

I'm going to start the process of getting ec2-init and its dependencies
into main.

However, The ec2-ami-tools license is what keeps them in multiverse, so we
really do not have an option to pull them into main.

As far as I can tell, we have the following options:
a.) drop ec2-ami-tools completely from the images
  remember that a simple 'apt-get install ec2-ami-tools' will still get
  them for you.
b.) add euca2ools to the images.
  For those not aware, euca2ools provide an almost compatible command line
  interface to that of the ec2-ami-tools and ec2-api-tools.  The only
  programs found in ec2-ami-tools that do not have counterparts in
  euca2ools are:

  Euca2ools are in universe, and would pull in an additional dependency of
  python-m2crypto.  Independent of this suggestion, euca2ools will need to
  get into main for UEC (Ubuntu Enterprise Cloud)

Of the 2 options above, I lean towards 'b' at the moment, and just
allowing the end user to apt-get ec2-ami-tools if they need them.

Anyone have any thoughts on this ?

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