[ec2-beta] feature request: user-data scripts

Keary Griffin keary.griffin at unwiredappeal.com
Wed Mar 11 04:12:56 GMT 2009

Sorry, my bad, I should have just tried it ;-)  I  looked at the ubuntu 
ec2 web page, and then grepped /etc/ for "", and not 
seeing it jumped to the wrong conclusion.  I  now see the  script in 

Thanks, this feature makes me happy :-)

Eric Hammond wrote:
> Keary:
> Yes, the user-data script functionality has been copied into the
> official Ubuntu beta images.
> And it actually works in beta2 ;)
> It's not your fault for missing it.  It's about as (un)documented in the
> official beta as it is in my images, but it works exactly the same way.
> --
> Eric Hammond
> ehammond at thinksome.com
> Keary Griffin wrote:
>> I know this is a little late in the game for this release, but maybe for 
>> the future, one of things I really liked about the Eric's alestic Ubuntu 
>> images was the ability for the image to launch a script supplied in the 
>> ec2 user-data on first boot.
>> This allows people to launch the AMI's as-is without needing to 
>> rebundle, and use the user-data supplied script to customize the image 
>> on boot.
>> I've seen a bunch of talk on this list lately about the pros and cons of 
>> rebundling/not rebundling the AMI's.   I usually rebundle my AMI's 
>> (because without a feature like the above it's a necessity), but find it 
>> time-consuming and would rather skip this step.  Being able to specify a 
>> script to launch on first-boot would allow me to skip this step.
>> And if this functionality is already there and I missed it, I'll 
>> apologize in advance.
>> Thanks
>> Keary

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