[ec2-beta] Virtual Hosts with Apache2

Prabhakar, Ramprasad (GE, Corporate, consultant) prasad.ram at ge.com
Mon Mar 9 15:15:48 GMT 2009


If you recently moved from RH-based system (like Fedora/CentOS/RH), you
might find that Virtual hosting config is a bit diff (syntax is all the
same, but just the way it is done in ubuntu). Would you mind posting the
config/file locations ? 

There is no spefic reason that it should not work in EC2 (we are running
VH on it ... And had to take some effort since we moved from Fedora 8 to

- Ram
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I am trying to set up an instance to serve about 5 or 6 websites. I  
would like to do this via Apache2's Virtual Hosts setup where I can  
have one IP address and many sites.

So far I haven't been able to get it to work. I use an elastic IP with  
the instance and put that in the godaddy domain setup. It seems to  
always want to point to the default location and not the virtual host  
I have created. So I am guessing that I either have my apache config  
files setup incorrectly, or that perhaps there is some intricacy about  
doing this on EC2 that I'm not aware of...

Has anyone else been successful setting this up?


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