[ec2-beta] Starting a script after attaching an EBS volume?

uona at sineta.de uona at sineta.de
Fri Mar 6 15:48:52 GMT 2009


first of all thanks for all your comments...

> How about just including the EBS volume mount part as the first part of your
> script, or which just mounts the volume and, if successful, execs to become your
> other script?

Yes, thats the same idea Thomas has suggested.  I think this will be a
feasable way to go...

But what about with daemons like "udev" and "HAL"?  Can these internal
systems help us as well?

@Neale: I want to attach an EBS volume to an already running EC2
instance. For that you can use the command line tool
"ec2-attach-volume" or you can use the "AWS Management Console".  Lets
say you have your database storage files on your EBS volume and you
want to startup your database on your EC2 instance only if this EBS
volume is successfully attached.  Therefore such a trigger event could
be useful.

Once again thanks for all the comments and

Kind Regards

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