[ec2] Hardy 8.04 instance stopped responding!!

Eric Hammond ehammond at thinksome.com
Wed Jun 24 22:52:28 BST 2009


Debugging connectivity issues remotely is extremely difficult as there
are dozens of things that could go wrong and cause this behavior.

My initial recommendation when this happens is to take the following steps:

- Initiate a reboot of the instance.

- If you are still unable to connect after the system should be up, wait
 5 minutes and then get the console output.  There may be clues in the
console output about what is going wrong with the system.  Include the
post-reboot console output when you ask for help.

- You may want to post the instance id to the EC2 forum
http://ec2forum.notlong.com and leave the instance running for a few
days.  In the off chance that something went wrong with the hardware or
AWS infrastructure, Amazon might be able to take a look.  (As much as we
would like to blame it, this is a rare cause.)

- If this is a production server, I also recommend you start setting up
a replacement instance while you debug the running one, in the event you
are unable to get access.

If you are able to reliably reproduce an issue with one of the AMIs,
documenting the steps would be valuable to the whole community.

There are some conditions when using EBS volumes where ssh will not
complete, especially if you are freezing the file system for snapshots.
 I have not seen this prevent pinging, though.

Eric Hammond
ehammond at thinksome.com

Ajay A wrote:
> Hello
> I got a instance running that is based i386 release  8.04 (Hardy)
> ami-30c0e844 and I can't ping to it or do anything with it. can't even
> SSH.  it has just stopped responding. This happened once when I was
> initializing a EBS drive also.
> any idea?  I would love to stick with ubuntu releases but this kind of
> thing scares the hell out of me.  I wonder I need to stick to office
> amazon releases.
> help please.
> ajay

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