[ec2] logging into instance via transmit

Micah Walter micahwalter at me.com
Thu Jun 11 01:47:44 BST 2009

Thanks for the links, I figured it out... seems to work just fine...

On related note. I am planning to set up a single instance to serve as  
an apache web-server... for this server I was thinking to just leave  
the single Ubuntu user installed... however other people will probably  
need access ( like one or two other people) and so to make things easy  
my idea was to move the website files to the Ubuntu home folder, and  
use apache2-mpm-itk to so that I can set apache to run as the ubuntu  
user ( as I'm typing this I am thinking I may not even need to do this  
as ubuntu will be the ONLY user for apache )

anyway, the thinking here is that I can just give a few select people  
the key-pair so they can log in as ubuntu via transmit and upload any  
files without having to worry about SSHing and setting permissions...

is there any obvious security issue doing this, other than the obvious  
one where I am handing out a key to someone other than myself?

thanks for your help so far -- looking forward to the 9.04 RC1!!!


On Jun 9, 2009, at 9:16 PM, Ari Awan wrote:

> Hi Micah, if you're looking for public key auth:
> take a look at these 2 links
> http://samuraicoder.net/public_key_authentication_transmit
> http://www.simpleisnt.com/isnt_is/?p=17
> - Ari -
> On Jun 10, 2009, at 10:03 AM, Micah Walter wrote:
>> Hi,
>> I have been using Transmit to SFTP to an instance but only after
>> setting up a new user and allowing them a regular password login. I  
>> am
>> about to set up another instance which I am thinking will only have
>> the ubuntu user account, and was wondering if anyone had been
>> successful in setting up a mac user and Transmit to connect via  
>> SFTP...
>> -micah
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