[ec2-beta] some feedback on the i386 image

Mark Shuttleworth mark at ubuntu.com
Mon Jan 12 17:03:36 GMT 2009

Eric Hammond wrote:
> I really like being able to type "ec2intrepid" or "ec2hardy" (custom
> commands) and within a minute be ssh'd in to a brand new Ubuntu instance
> on EC2.  Going through extra prompts and having to re-connect gets old,
> especially if I have to jot down new passwords every time.

It should be possible to have the password setup so that it's consistent
across your machines. One would not want to have to store the credential
itself, but it might be possible to store the passwd entry (salted,
crypted or hashed) and re-use that across machines.

Soren, any comments? Do we have any representatives of the Ubuntu
security team on this list?

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