[ec2] Best practice for setting up MySQL on ubuntu?

Barry Jaspan barry.jaspan at acquia.com
Fri Aug 21 23:01:28 BST 2009


> It is still possible to grow an EBS file system without LVM if  
> you're willing to have a short amount of downtime, probably in the  
> seconds range if done right. (If folks are interested in how to do  
> this, let me know).

Sure, I would like to know how to do that.  We're using an active/ 
passive dual-master MySQL setup with application-level failover, so we  
can handle taking down our db master one at a time to grow the EBS  
volume.  I was assuming we'd have to mount a new EBS volume, shut down  
mysql, move /var/lib/mysql, and restart the server.

But that will certainly take more than a few seconds, so I'm  
interested in your technique.



> The other reason folks use LVM with EBS is to enable suspending the  
> file system during an EBS snapshot if they are using ext3.  With EBS  
> I generally recommend using XFS instead of ext3 as it provides an  
> integrated file system freeze and works better on RAIDs of EBS  
> volumes if you get to need that for peformance.  The tutorial  
> demonstrates with XFS.
> The sample snapshot driver script linked to from the above tutorial  
> works for simple setups, but I have rewritten and enhanced the  
> software dramatically over the last year based on many conditions  
> and interactions we found in real world production use.
> I will be publishing the updated snapshot program as open source,  
> and in the meantime am providing private preview copies to anybody  
> who would like to test it in their own environment.
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> Eric Hammond
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> Subject: [ec2] Best practice for setting up MySQL on ubuntu?
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> Hi,
>> Some time ago I read on this list that someone was working on a  
>> tutorial or script that would make backups of mysql databases via  
>> EBS. I believe the solution involved LVM volumes and snapshots.  
>> Does anyone know if that is available to the public yet?
>> Thanks!
>> Regards,
>> Lucas Gates
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