Ubuntu Installation Guide (18.04) contribution

Frank Heimes frank.heimes at canonical.com
Mon Apr 16 16:56:00 UTC 2018

Hello - please has someone an idea on how I can contribute to the "Ubuntu
Installation guide(s)"?

I especially want to contribute to the "s390x (IBM System z)" version of
the Installation Guide.
[Well, even the name is nowadays wrong and should be changed to "s390x (IBM
Z and LinuxONE)"]

I found that link to the DocTeam with all it's information:
but looks like the focus there is mainly Desktop, Server Guide and Ubuntu
Manuals - am I wrong?

I know howto contribute to the Server Guide, but it looks the it's
different for the Installation Guide.

There are btw. lot's of things I would like to change - I copied and
modified the 16.04 version already and put it temporarily into this wiki:
But for 18.04 I would love to have all needed modifications and addons in
the official guide ...

Any idea is appreciated, thx


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