[desktop] Details about the 16.04 news

Doug Smythies dsmythies at telus.net
Tue Mar 15 15:30:49 UTC 2016

Hi Gunnar,

O.K. I'll re-do my merge proposal (I missed a file that needed to be changed anyhow).

1.) This is inconsistent with the applications focus lens on the dash,
which refers to "Software Center" (and you don't need Xenial to observe that).

2.) For the record: I do not like "Software" verses "Software Center".

On 2016.03.15 07:40 Gunnar Hjalmarsson wrote:

> The question was raised in a private mail about the name in Ubuntu of
> the new tool for installing packages.
> The name is simply "Software". (Confirmed by Sebastien Bacher on IRC.)
> So a sentence like this in the desktop docs would not be wrong:
> -> Use "Software" to add programs and make Ubuntu more useful.

... Doug

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