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Dear Andrea Lazzarotto/fellow Ubuntu Documentation Team members:

>" Andrea Lazzarotto andrea.lazzarotto at Fri Feb 19 13:50:45 UTC
2016 Hi there, since it's been a bit of time, I include the link to this
thread for reference: With
respect to this issue, I received advice from some of you privately to
restore the material and add a note in the wiki to prevent this person from
wiping the contributions again, because we reached a consensus that the
material has some usefulness."

One of the root causes of this issue is that my initial understanding of
the change was that it didn't have a fully contained way to find the BIOS
update for a given model, and apply it. After reading the most recent
change, it is and has been an "emerging solution", with more details to
come (hopefully soon!). With this in mind, I would have wanted to view it
from that perspective from the beginning.

However, it may be of higher usefulness to present the method in a "do
these keyboard click-for-click steps, with the least explanation to confirm
a BIOS update is available" way, as if one is the user who doesn't really
care about understanding anything, and just wants the steps to perform to
move forward. This would be analogous to how BIOS updates are presented
from PC/Board OEMs, quick, clean, easily followed, and professional. A
rough skeleton would be:
1) Run sudo dmidecode -t0 to find the the Platform ID.
2) Place this in the URL and download.
3) Update via precise method(s) (in progress).

Despite this, regarding the placement of this information, it still seems
better suited to be in,
offering a "one stop shop" nature of BIOS updating that the article
intends. Putting such a method at the bottom of a tangentially related
article (whose origination and history has nothing to do with steps on
updating, and makes a long article that much longer), instead of in the
main one seems to not place it in the most useful location for folks who
are looking to update their BIOS.

What do you think?

Christopher M. Penalver
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