Community Help Wiki edits during the lockdown

Pasi Lallinaho pasi at
Mon Feb 8 11:34:05 UTC 2016


we've seen several request to update several pages in the community help
wiki while it has been locked down.

Thank you for the attention!

However, with my admin hat on, there's something I'd like to see
changing (both for this lockdown and any potential future lockdowns):

If you want a wiki page changed during the lockdown, PLEASE do the
actual modifying of the page yourself [1], then send the DIFF to us. Or
in other words, do not expect the admins and/or editors to do the
changes for you; we are not experts in all subjects and we don't always
have the time to dig deep in merging a wiki page with some information
from another website.

Thank you for cooperation.


[1] You can get the page source markup from "More actions: -> Raw Text",
or by appending ?action=raw to the page URL (eg.

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