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There is the "old" theme, I refer to it as the one with the "brown"

And the "new" theme, I refer to it as the one with the "red" background.


It seems that the page in question was never converted to the new theme.


For me, and for any web pages that are still using the old theme, the images
do not work.

And if I look at the source file for the HTML and try to open the image by
itself, it does not work.

For example:


<img alt="Ubuntu" id="logo"
src="" />


Try to open:


So, in my opinion the root issue is the theme was never changed (for the
12.10 version also).

Myself, I do not know how to do the theme conversion.


This should be put into a bug report, if not for retroactive, then for


References ( 1 added back, and 1 added):


. Doug


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Hi :)

I took  screenshopt, used Gimp to crop it, indexed it to reduce number of
colours and file weight, saved as Gif and sent to Ma offlist because mailing
lists don't like attachments.  This one said that if i got it under 40Kb but
i suspect if i did it would still get rejected so off-list was faster and

Regards from

Tom :)  



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Show me a screenshot if you want to say it is OK.

If it looks OK in Firefox, it is just because Firefox replace
non-existent images to its alt text. (If you understand what is <img>
tag in HTML, this should be obvious if you check the page source

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