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Doug Smythies dsmythies at telus.net
Sun Apr 7 17:01:24 UTC 2013

Hi Hannie,

It looks to me as though the raring series for Ubuntu-docs has not even been
setup yet. Let alone the translations part.
By the way, I was doing the same as you, looking around via changing
"quantal" to "raring" in whatever web pages I could find.

Have a look at the series list at:
Where there is no "raring", whereas it should have been setup at the start
of this cycle.
Now look at the series list at:
Where there is a "raring" series. Follow some links and end up here:
and you can observe that Peter Matulis created the series.

All other series, both for Ubuntu-Docs and Serverguide have always been
created by Matthew East before, and now doesn't appear to be getting done.
This is what I was going on about in my previous e-mail. I do not think
anyone is at the helm of the Ubuntu-Docs ship at the moment, and it is
adrift. Furthermore, I think very few people even realize the situation.

Your second link doesn't exist because it has not been setup yet. This was
the same for the serverguide until last night, now the link exists, because
I initialized the raring series translations stuff.
It is not clear to me why your third link works, but I suspect it says 100%
translated because it is currently an unmodified copy of quantal. I.E. there
are no new strings or changes to translate.

By the way, the Dutch version of the raring serverguide says 1% translated,
whereas the quantal one says 2% translated (so there is a difference).

... Doug

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When I change the name from quantal to raring like this:
(2980 strings)
I get the message that the raring page does not exist.

Looking at ubuntu-docs/raring,
(2980 strings)
I see that it is 100% translated into Dutch.
This confuses me.
Ubuntu Dutch Translators

Op 07-04-13 05:50, Doug Smythies schreef:
> Myself, I only work on the Ubuntu serverguide, and while some work has
been done for the raring cycle, it was only about 15% of what should have
been done. It is becoming difficult to call it "Official Documentation".
> I have been asking for about a week about setting up such that
translations can start, as I'm not sure what to do. I had hoped to be ready
the day after string freeze, or yesterday.
> I guess I'll just go ahead and initialize the translations stuff, and beg
forgiveness later if I mess it up. Give me another day to do it.
> ... Doug
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> Hello!
> I can't find ubuntu-doc for raring at Launchpad
> We need to translate it before final release, but as I can see, there
aren't any work on raring documentation at all.
> So, what should we do? Will raring have an official documentation,
availible for translation?
> Best regards,
> Vadim Nevorotin aka Malamut,
> ubuntu-ru administrator and coordinator.

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