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Benjamin Kerensa bkerensa at ubuntu.com
Sun Apr 7 16:06:54 UTC 2013

I pointed out at UDS-Q that mdke was inactive and probably should step down
per leadership code of conduct if he could not meet the needs of leading
the team.

Members of the community council and community team are aware of the state
of things but maybe they do not know the degree? I will nudge them again
and see if we can get this sorted out pronto.

On Apr 6, 2013 8:51 PM, "Doug Smythies" <dsmythies at telus.net> wrote:
> Vadim,
> If you look at who has setup every series that is listed for Ubuntu-docs,
it was Matthew East.
> Matt is no longer actively involved, and, in my opinion, that leaves an
enormous void that, as far as I know, has not been backfilled.
> Furthermore, Jeremy Bicha was another enormous contributor to the bigger
picture side of Ubuntu-docs, but if you refer to this spot "[17:08]
<jbicha>" in some minutes to a recent docs irc meeting, see here:
http://irclogs.ubuntu.com/2013/02/28/%23ubuntu-meeting.txt then you should
realize "Oh no!".
> I don't know that Ubuntu-docs realizes the magnitude of what is not
getting done and how fast the "Official Documentation" is falling behind.
> Myself, I only work on the Ubuntu serverguide, and while some work has
been done for the raring cycle, it was only about 15% of what should have
been done. It is becoming difficult to call it "Official Documentation".
> I have been asking for about a week about setting up such that
translations can start, as I'm not sure what to do. I had hoped to be ready
the day after string freeze, or yesterday.
> I guess I'll just go ahead and initialize the translations stuff, and beg
forgiveness later if I mess it up. Give me another day to do it.
> ... Doug
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> Hello!
> I can't find ubuntu-doc for raring at Launchpad (
> We need to translate it before final release, but as I can see, there
aren't any work on raring documentation at all.
> So, what should we do? Will raring have an official documentation,
availible for translation?
> Best regards,
> Vadim Nevorotin aka Malamut,
> ubuntu-ru administrator and coordinator.
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