Freeze Exception for Kazam 1.4.2

David Klasinc bigwhale at
Fri Apr 5 06:20:49 UTC 2013


Kazam 1.4.2 was release a few days ago. Current version of Kazam in 
Raring is 1.4.1.

1.4.2 addresses a couple of bugs:

Automatic file saving does not honor Directory settings that user has 
set in Preferences. This is now fixed.


Area selector for selecting a recording region had no 'grab handles' and 
users weren't able to resize and move the pre-selected area. Handles and 
dragging of area selector was added in 1.4.2

This is the only UI change in this release. It does not interfere with 
documentation or translations.

Here's the link to the Ubuntu bug:


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