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Little Girl littlergirl at
Tue Mar 27 04:08:52 UTC 2012

Hey there,

Timo Jyrinki wrote:
> Little Girl wrote:
> >> Because of the Launchpad problematics I mentioned, they cause
> >> havoc in the translations that is disproportionate to the
> >> perceived amount of changes in the documentation itself.
> > If they cause havoc, that must mean the changes in the resulting
> > meaning of the sentences were significant enough to warrant the
> > ensuing havoc as translators scramble to recheck the content for
> > accuracy. (:
> No, that was the point. The translators cannot recheck the content
> for accuracy in Launchpad, they must translate from scratch every
> time. Because of how Launchpad works (does not work), if you change
> one comma in the English string of let's say 10 sentences, all the
> translations for all the languages for those 10 sentences are wiped
> away in Launchpad,


Oh, that's awful! In that case, I'd either improve Launchpad or find
another tool to use. Anyone who sticks around despite such a
debilitating tool is a hero. I hope they're heavily appreciated. (:

Little Girl

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