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Mon Mar 26 12:40:32 UTC 2012

Al 26/03/12 14:20, En/na Matthew East ha escrit:
> On 26 March 2012 11:09, David Planella <david.planella at> wrote:
>> Another thing I've noticed is that as translation is done in Launchpad,
>> you don't need to choose "Import template and translation files", as PO
>> files don't need to be imported (all translations are already in
>> Launchpad). So I'd suggest "Import templates only" on:
> I thought that there might be translations in the branch which aren't
> present on Launchpad (e.g. because they have come from the Oneiric
> branch) so enabled this for completeness.

Ah, these are shared already within Launchpad, so they don't need to be
imported from the branch's po files. I.e. message sharing works amongst
series of the same upstream project, amongst distro series, and amongst
these two pools (upstream and distro).

However, I've just realized that there is indeed a need to leave the
setting as it is now: you merge from GNOME docs, so you do need to
import PO files in the bzr branch to get the GNOME translations.

So no need to change anything, sorry for the noise.


David Planella
Ubuntu Translations Coordinator / /

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